Fat Masc Summer Essentials

April 25, 2018

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As the weather starts getting warmer I’m getting more and more motivated to talk about summer wear. Now listen, I’m not a fashion expert. But I am pretty into finding comfortable clothing that fits, looks cute, and is more on the masculine side. So, here’s some fat masc summer essentials for ya that I’ve found to be SUPER worthwhile.

Tops…Stop Hiding!

Muscle Tees

I know, Muscle tees have a reputation of being so douchey. But its getting hot and I don’t know about you but I am sick of hiding my arms. I remember being in middle school and wearing hoodies all summer to hide my fat body. But I’ve never felt super comfortable in spaghetti strap tanks and those A Frame tanks always show more cleavage than I’d like. Jump on the muscle tee train. Just because you wear them, doesn’t mean you have to be a total dudebro. Stay cool. Like, chill as a human and also temperature wise.

Lightweight, Light Color, Button Ups

Have you spent a lot of time wearing dark colors? I have. For a long time, I took that whole, “black is slimming” rule way too seriously. Guess what? People know you’re fat! Its okay! Stop hiding at the expense of your comfort. People can see that you’re wide, you’ve got rolls, and your arms are fat. Its time to be comfortable. Start wearing white and other lighter colors when you have to wear button ups. Check out these from IZOD. They’re flowy and will give you room to breathe. You can wear your muscle tees underneath if you’re worried about skin accidentally showing!

Bottoms…Stop Drowning In ‘Em

Nautica Chino Shorts

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me where to find good shorts for masculine folks for the summer. Here’s the thing, it is definitely slim pickings out there. It seems like brands really only want fat masculine folks to wear cargo shorts. Which is cool for lots of folks, trust me I own a couple. No lack of pockets. Love it. But, you gotta admit, cargo shorts are a bit too casual for some events. If you want to dress it up a little bit but still keep cool, check out these chino shorts. They are simple, come in a few different colors/patterns, and look a little bit classier than those wrinkled cargo shorts you’ve been relying on. And, they’ll be more fitted! Stop drowning in them!


I just gotta say, I love my TomboyX underwear. Being a fat masculine person sometimes means you like to wear boxers and bras. TomboyX has all the things. They even have varying fabrics you can choose from to find the most comfortable material for you. I also really like the sports bras, since they fit really well and give me enough support without adding a shit ton of cleavage. The boxers I have are awesome for me because I don’t need that hole in the front, but don’t worry, they’ve got those traditional style boxers too!

Tommy Hilfiger Boxers

I am in LOVE with these Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs. Not only are they super soft, stretchy, and comfortable, but they actually seem to run big! I prefer my boxers to be a little snug and I got a 6X. Turns out I should have gotten a 4X to be honest. I was worried that the elastic on the thighs would be a problem, but they totally stretch. I’m short, coming in at just under 5’3″ and I think they are a decent length. I’d prefer them a little shorter but they’ll shorten up when I get a smaller size. Perfect for fatties who love boxers to wear out and about, to sleep in, or to roam around the house in!

Extras For Fat Masc Summer Essentials

Teva Men’s Sandals

You need a pair of Teva sandals. Heres why. Those flip flops you’ve had for 3 years are long overdue for a replacement. I’m not judging! I’ve totally loved having those cheap ass flip flops that have formed perfectly to my feet. But they look worn.Why should your footwear game have to suffer because its summer-time? I finally opened myself up to trying a pair of Teva sandals and I’m so glad I did. They are comfortable, wide enough for my fat little feet because of the adjustable straps, and look cute. I know, men’s sandals are notoriously unfashionable. But I feel like these somehow found a way to be androgynous and that’s what I dig most about them.

Beefcake Swimwear

I am SO excited to tell y’all about Beefcake Swimwear. This is the first swim suit that I’ve heard about that caters to us androgynous folks! They believe that anyone can feel studly and look amazing in swimwear and not worry about choosing between binary options. I swear that sounded like music to my ears when I first found these folks.

This 1920’s style “Original” suit I have on fits pretty well! Its a 5x, which is the highest size they offer. I could’ve probably used a 6x so that it could go on a bit easier. I was super nervous about putting on a one-piece. Let’s just say, its been a while. I was never really a big fan of how much cleavage showed when I wore traditional “women’s” one-pieces. I also always ended up wearing shorts over those suits anyway. And tank tops! So many items of clothing for the beach. So this androgynous styled suit works perfectly! It’s so comfortable, doesn’t ride up anywhere, and fit over my rather large belly. I will say, as I mentioned before, I am short and stout. So for tall folks it may be difficult to get the suit up all the way if you’ve got long legs and a big belly.

Overall, I felt so good in this suit from Beefcake Swimwear and will be wearing it all summer!


What are you wearing this summer? Try out these fat masc summer essentials and let me know what you think!




  • Rebecca April 30, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    You look fantastic! So glad companies are finally making some better options for my non-binary fellow superfats to rock.

  • Joe Freeman May 3, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Would you like to try our ChafeZone product to help prevent chafing/thigh rub? We have many influencers who love it and would be happy to send you some to add to your summer essentials.

  • Will August 6, 2018 at 1:08 am

    How do you find the sizing from TomboyX? I’m interested in trying some of their stuff, but my hip measurement is just a bit about their listed range for their largest size, 4X. Is it worth ordering some to see?

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