Overalls for The Plus Size Babe

July 16, 2018

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They’re Back…

Overalls are one of those fashion trends I never thought would make a comeback. Not only that, but I absolutely, one hundred percent, never would have seen myself wearing them. I always thought they would stay in my childhood memories from the 90s. Or that they were exclusively meant for the more mature crowd to wear while they garden. Or like…farmers.

I’ll admit it, I was very wrong. Overalls and specifically shortalls (that is, overalls that are shorts instead of full length pants) are everywhere. I thought maybe this was just a trend I was noticing because I moved to the midwest. The Kansas country life was bound to have a greater number of folks wearing overalls, right? And yes, I totally do see those older farmer lookin dudes with overalls with their glorious beer bellies and dirt on their cheeks. But I’m actually seeing overalls from my favorite plus size brands too!

Overall Instagram Inspo

plussizetransguy has me feeling all kinds of heart eyes over this look. He’s literally wearing a polo with overalls, which I would have never thought to do. I love seeing people take fashion risks. Especially folks from marginalized communities who may have felt the need to hide away at one point. Additionally, the mix of masculinity with a hint of femininity in his looks is truly the kind of vibe I’m here for.

I couldn’t make this post without mentioning my babe Corissa of fatgirlflow. Seeing her rock these overalls, amongst many other pairs I might add, has instilled a soft spot in me for the “cute midwestern comfy gal” vibe. How is she able to make overalls sexy?!

Overalls for a Super-fat

I never thought I’d be the kind of person who doesn’t strictly stay in the lines of what is safe and acceptable for a fat person to wear. Don’t draw too much attention. That was always my way of thinking. Especially for a superfat (a person who wears a size greater than 28ish). Our main objective when trying to get by in this fatphobic society is to do as much as we can to not only blend in, but to minimize our bodies. We’re just trying to go one day without ridicule. We’re trying to escape the outdoors unscathed by fatphobic assholes.

As I learn more about fat activism and practicing self love, I’m finding that I’m more confident in my choices when it comes to my body. I don’t give a fuck what other people may or may not think about what I choose to wear. I’m sure this has a lot to do with living with one of the most unapologetic happy fatties there is. I think overalls are cute, so I’m gonna try them! If they don’t feel right – that is ok. Its not my body that is wrong, its the clothing.

Turns out – I look really good in overalls. KingSizeDirect was kind enough to send me these overalls to try out and I am so pleased with them. You’ll notice they don’t come in shortall version…and I’m wearing shortalls. Yes, I did cut them. Have I mentioned to y’all that I’m 5’2″? I’ve accepted that any pair of pants I ever buy will inevitably be too long for me. Shorts tend to become capris and pants…well I just drown in them. But look at how cute I look in these! The pair I’m wearing are a size 60 in mens (I’m a 30 in womens), and they go up to 72!

By the way, the star printed tank top is also from KingSize. You can find a similar tank here. It’s super soft and long enough to actually cover my belly when I raise my arms! Magical. If you’ve been paying attention to my posts, you’ll know that is a huge deal for me.

Bodies are all shaped super differently, so I’m glad KingSize has these available for me. I find that the feminine cut of a traditionally “women’s” style overall just doesn’t feel right on my body. And that’s okay. So for you more masculine-styled plus size folks – definitely try these out! I’ll link to a few options for the more feminine plus size babes who are looking to try out some of the best overalls.

Best Feminine Overalls

Corissa has gotten so many questions about where she gets her own overalls, so I’m sure someone checking out this post is looking for a more femme overall option! Luckily, there are a couple out there.

Universal Standard has the most generously sized overall option, going up to a Women’s size 32. They are made from stretch denim and if you don’t want them to fit like a normal jean (a little snug in the femme world) you should definitely size up!

A couple other options (cause WOW why are overalls so expensive?!) include these City Chic overalls and these slightly less traditional ones from Maurices. Each of these pairs goes up to a size 24. The City Chic ones will accommodate a size 26 but will be snug. So keep that in mind!















Keep doin you, babes! Plus size overalls are officially a fun and versatile way to mix comfort with some cute throwback vibes.

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