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Plus Size Outdoor Sportswear and Accessories

January 11, 2019

Plus Size Outdoor Sportswear and Accessories

January 11, 2019

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Happy 2019 all! This week I dug around on the internet to try and find resources for my plus size friends who are interested in the outdoors! I asked folks over on the Comfy Fat Facebook page what kinds of activities they wish they could participate in, but are limited by lack of plus size outdoor sportswear and accessories that could suit bigger bodies and higher weights.

Fat people can like the outdoors! And some are even thrill seekers! We want plus size outdoor sportswear and accessories!

If this applies to you, this list is designed to be an aid in your search for outdoor sportswear and accessories. The world is getting more accessible and people are finally hearing your pleas for inclusion in the outdoor excitement. Bring on the scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking! Well, for you. I’m not super into the outdoors myself. But for those of you who want to get out there, check out this list and get your venture started!

Scuba Diving

My first task in finding plus size outdoor sportswear and accessories was to tackle the wetsuit issue. The most difficult obstacle with scuba diving for plus size folks is finding a wetsuit that is large enough. Sure, wetsuits are supposed to be difficult for even thin people to get into. They gotta be tight! But I’ve found that most brands only provide options up to 2X. Check out Wetsuit Warehouse and the ScubaPro Everflex which goes up to a 4XL! Side note: One of my fav Instagram accounts is plussizescuba. Follow her for even more tips, inspo, and resources!


Now, this is one outdoor activity I can actually get behind. In front of? Anyway, hiking seems the most appealing to me because of the reward at the end of a hike where you get to be at the top of a mountain and see some stellar views! However, I have a difficult time finding shoes for even just short walks that won’t leave my feet hurting afterward. They need to be sturdy yet soft. Hard on the nature, easy on the feet. Check out these Dr. Comfort Women’s Diabetic Hiking Boots. They come in extra wide!

Rock Climbing

Okay so I highly suggest speaking to professionals about the logistics of rock climbing while fat. You want to make sure you stay safe and are able to have fun without worry! I found that plus size climbing harnesses are hard to come by. No fear, I got you. This Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness is suitable for up to a 53″ waist and 600 pounds! Sweet! Get yourself a strong spotter er…belayer and get out there.


It was tough finding a kayak for plus size folks. But we are here, we are fat, and we wanna kayak! What I came up with was this BKC Riptide Angler which is a sit atop style fishing kayak. Its pricey, that’s for sure. However the weight limit is 440 pounds and thats pretty damn neat. I’ve actually always wanted to try this. Check out the Lifetime Sport Fisher too, which has a weight limit of 500 pounds.


Snorkeling! It didn’t occur to me that there might be issues finding bigger masks and flippers for ultimate snorkeling! (I think they’re actually called “fins” not flippers). Well, there totally is. They’re hard to come by, nearly impossible at sporting goods stores. Check out the Cozia Snorkel Set. If you were worried about finding fins that would fit, these come in a size 7-11, with adjustable straps! They also have an extra large face mask.

Zip Lining

My friend just put a zip line in her backyard for her kiddos and holy moly, does that look fun! Unfortunately, I totally exceed the weight limit. So I won’t be trying out their zip line any time soon. Thankfully, if you’re under 350 pounds and have a waist smaller than 50″, you can absolutely install your own zip line. The Rogue Zip Line Kit is where its at. Though on the pricier side, it could make all your zip lining dreams a reality.


If you’re plus size and interested in skiing, you might be stressed out trying to find ski pants that go higher than a 2X for your plus size outdoor sporting needs. These Sportive Plus Ski Pants go up to a 26W. Get your ski on babes!

Other Mentionables

Being a plus size outdoor adventurer might lead you to needing a life jacket or vest that’ll actually keep you afloat if needed! The O’Neill Life Vest goes up to size 4X. Reviews say these life vests might feel a little short, but they serve their purpose nevertheless!

Finally, as always, being an active outdoorsy babe might mean skin irritation in your folds. It can be so frustrating. And painful! Grab some Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm to apply to your inner thighs and anywhere else that might get irritated. Don’t let that pesky chub rub stop you!


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  • CYP January 31, 2019 at 12:18 am

    TomboyX has a totally cute Unisuit up to 4x, and also swim shorts & rashguards in some seriously cute patterns (octopi! sharks!). I haven’t tried these exact things, but the large collection of pj’s and underwear in my drawer all fit well and all pretty much agree with the size chart, so it’s worth a look. I don’t even surf or any of that shit but I kind of want the shark unisuit. Because sharks. 😉 Otherwise, I’m not really an outdoor person unless I’m really, really high. (I went to Bonnaroo twice, there’s no way I could have sobered through that. There. Was. A. Spider. I went with my BFF and the first year we totally avoided mentioning any bug sightings or other disturbances because we didn’t want to ruin each other’s vacation. We laughed so hard on the way home when we shared all our stories. SPIDER SERIOUSLY HUGE SPIDER NEAR MY SLEEPING AREA) . I might check out the shoes, though. I have a terrible back, and I’m always looking for footwear that doesn’t make me want to die after I go to Walmart.

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News - I just updated my amazon shop where you can look through categories Ive set up like “Plus Size Swim” and “Big & Tall Button Ups” to find affordable clothing and accessories. I try and make sure everything is available in at least 3x (and above). The “Personal Care” category is where Ive added tools to help with self care and fat accessibility. Theres furniture, foot care, and even anxiety tools. Oh, and I just added over 50 items to the “FALL FUN” category if that is your thing😂 Link is in the bio!
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    • This is my first time trying yoga in a really long time. My body looks much different than the last time I did. In a way, I feel like Im learning my way around my body again. Figuring out how to move my belly around to reach optimal comfort and stretch. I started using joyn recently (@letsjoyn); an online streaming service for accessible yoga, dance, meditation and more. Its been such a meaningful experience to see bodies that look more like mine, moving and knowing their bodies. I wrote up a blog post about my experience with joyn and you can find the link in my bio and my stories! Thank you @letsjoyn for bringing accessible yoga into my life!
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    • Hi I love this new tee from @bigboysarecute 👋 My fat body is politicized, scrutinized, and even dehumanized by a culture obsessed with thinness and dieting. My fat body is more regularly than not outcasted, forgotten, and made a mockery of. Its discouraging and Im exhausted by it. It really does feel like My Body vs Society a lot of the time. And I feel empowered bringing that to light with this tee. A good tshirt can be a great conversation starter. I love letting people know where my values are right off the bat!

In what ways do you feel like its “your body vs society?” What would make you feel more empowered?

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Just thinking about my goals lately and trying not to feel self conscious about sharing them. Im 27 and I don’t really know what Im doing. But I appreciate y’all for the love and kind words and for being here with me. What do you want in life? Whatre your goals?👇🏼
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