Fat Favorites of May

May 28, 2018

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Happy May Everyone! In an attempt to use my (privileged) powers for good, I want to share some info on a few products that I’ve scoped out recently. If they’ve made my life a little bit easier and more enjoyable, I want to tell you about ’em! So, I figured I would try out a  monthly-ish “fat favorites” list to share my glorious finds. Here are my fat favorites of May!

Both Big And Tall!

Okay, so I’m not actually tall. I’m fairly short. But because of the way my belly hangs, I often find myself wanting a wide and “tall” shirt – for the length. I don’t dig not being able to lift my arms into the air without unwillingly turning my t-shirt into a crop top. Its just not my jam. I wrote an article recently about my disappointment with buying long shirts from the menswear section at ASOS, you can read about it here.

So, my comfy shirt quest continued. And it led to the first of my fat favorites. I’ve tried King Size Direct in the past and I haven’t been super excited about their styles. But I knew that if at the very least I wanted some plain or striped t-shirts that actually fit me, that would be where I’d find them. This 5XLT striped v-neck is actually big and tall. That’s right, it’s long enough to not show my tum when I lift my arms!

Pictured above is a cute fat butch who feels comfy in their skin and isn’t deterred by the “no stripes on fat people” rule! Go grab yours, they’ve got a bunch of colors and it goes up to 9X in this style!

Unexpected Fat Favorites

This one might be a bit of a surprise to some folks, but I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, like the guitar or ukulele. The problem is, my arms and fingers are short and fat, and my chest and round tum get in the way of being able to comfortably play. So I went to our local music store and tried out some different ukulele styles!

Photo credit: Hallie Sigwing Photography

This Beginner Concert Style Travel Size Ukulele is absolutely one of my top fat favorites. Here’s why. With a travel size uke, you’re getting an instrument that is only 1.96 inches in width. That’s nearly half the width of your general, cheap, beginners style uke.

The concert style boasts an arched back for “greater resonance.” Since I’m a newb, I can’t really speak to all that. But I do find it helpful to have the slight curve on the back to rest against my belly!

My Pants Have Never Been So Secure

My. Pants. Always. Fall. Down. I mean, always. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing tight skinny jeans, “boyfriend jeans,” swim shorts, or leggings. The shape of my body just simply does not allow for pants to stay secure. So, unless the goal is to show the general public my cute Tommy Hilfiger boxers (in some instances I do want to show them off, grocery shopping is not one of those times), I need a belt. However, they rarely come in my size.

My partner found this amazing stretch elastic braid woven waist belt over on amazon. I can’t brag enough about this product. It comes in a 67″ and it stretches! Like a lot! The greatest part is that it doesn’t actually have any predetermined holes to put the peg into. So you just put them through the woven fabric wherever it feels right. This belt is a game changer. And it looks cute too.

Oh, and it doesn’t dig into my belly like those firmer belts in the past have. It may seem simple, but it feels so good knowing I’m not going to moon anyone if I’m carrying groceries and don’t have a hand free to keep pulling my jeans up!

A Beach Chair?!

Well, not quite. This Guidesman XXL Steel Folding Patio Chair is actually made for patio and camping like adventures. But that didn’t stop me! Getting up and down on the beach is really difficult on my knees. It’s also just sort of hard to sit comfortably on the ground and hold myself up? So, I purchased this guy from our local Menards store and it has a 600 pound weight limit which is incredible. 



I’ve never felt so certain of the sturdiness of an outdoor chair before. Though it isn’t super light, I was able to carry it across the sand to give it a try. Y’all. It is magical. Is this what thin people feel like? They’re just out here not worrying about breaking an outdoor chair? Amazing.

Also! This is considered an “extra-wide” chair. The arms were no where near digging into my hips/sides which is basically unheard of for my size 30, barrel-shaped, bod. I am so pleased with this purchase, I wish I could buy them for every one of my fat friends!

Thats it for my Fat Favorites of May! Found any products recently that you love and think I should try? What are your fat favorites?



  • Colleen May 29, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    My hubby has that chair. It’s awesome!!!

  • Bobbie-Jo Elwood May 30, 2018 at 1:29 am

    If you haven’t already, check out destination XL for t-shirt. They are more expensive than King direct but the quality is much better. They also have physical stores that you can try on.

  • Pammie Plus Parks June 1, 2018 at 3:33 am

    That chair is EVERYTHING as a Florida girl who loves outdoor festivals and cookouts and picnics and beach days….I need this in my life. Thank you fit sharing! ❤

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