Fat Favorites – Boxers, Binding, and Big Boy Threads

May 20, 2019

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Whats up my lovely fat friends?! I’ve got some new products for you that I’ve been seriously digging the last couple of months. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been gifted some really great items this time around, (none of these brands have paid me to review them). So you can know that the items discussed on this post are my genuine recommendations. Finding clothing items that are available to plus size/big & tall folks who live their lives toward the super-fat end of the fat spectrum are hard to come by. I’m excited to share these pieces with you. Lets get to it!

Bear Skn

Okay! I’m so incredibly excited about this new brand I found called Bear Skn. They create men’s underwear with truly the big guy in mind. Note: You absolutely do not have to be a man to wear these ultra comfy boxer briefs, as proof from the photo below!


Their site boasts that they’re “2x softer than cotton” based on their combo of cotton plus material made from bamboo and I tell ya, they’re right. These babies feel luxurious. And they truly wick moisture away. They don’t bunch up so I haven’t dealt with any of that painful chub rub.

Also, they have this neat mesh built into the undercarriage which like, yeah, of course that makes sense! Why didn’t we think of this before? Air that shit out baby, no matter what kind of junk you’ve got, that breezy, uncluttered feeling is good.

I got five pairs of these Bear Skn boxer briefs in the mail and immediately threw away five of my old pairs. Leveled the heck up.

King Size

I recently won a pretty stellar gift card to King Size through a contest that the folks over at AllGo were hosting, (check out AllGo for an app that allows users to rate restaurants, public spaces, offices etc based on accessibility). I was so stoked about what I found for products on the King Size website. Generally, when I shop big & tall, I tend to find that there aren’t a lot of trendy pieces available over a 3x, if at all. It feels frustrating to narrow the size down to a 5-6x and only see a plain black t-shirt and a lackluster grey zip up sweatshirt available. King Size has definitely upped their game here.

















This sweatshirt was the piece I was most excited to get in the mail. I’ve been looking for a cutoff hoodie that actually looks baggy and cute on me for years. And finally, King Size heard me. I’m wearing a 6x in the photo above and could not have been happier about this purchase. Its soft as hell, true to size, and stylish. Catch me wearing this hoodie at any chance of a light breeze for as long as I can!


This brand isn’t super new. In fact they’ve been around long enough to have been my first experience with binding back in 2015. At the time, I was still struggling with internalized fatphobia and often ordered clothing items that were 1-2 sizes too small. Oftentimes those were the only sizes available and I’d buy them in hopes that they’d fit someday. (PS that’s a super toxic diet culture-y thing to do and it doesn’t serve us any good to hold onto clothing hoping for a new/different body someday! Throw that shit out the window. Along with the clothes that don’t fit. Wait, donate them. Yes, thats the best plan).

Anyway, back in 2015, I ordered the biggest size they had, knowing it would not fit. This is incredibly dangerous when binding. (The binder should feel fitted enough to make an impact on flattening your chest. It should NOT impact breathing, leave painful marks on your body etc.). I held onto that binder for years, stuffing myself into it just long enough to take a couple of photos and then somehow maneuvering my way out. However, gc2b extended their size range in the years and I finally got my hands on this 5X nude no. 4 tank binder. My face says it all. Relief. Excitement. Freedom.


Big Boy Season 365

And finally, the last brand I’m sharing with y’all is a new up-and-coming brand for big and tall folks. Big Boy Season 365 gifted me two shirts that I’m really into. They’re printed on your standard Gilden comfort tee which is great news for us bigger folks, as that means they offer sizes up to 6x! The average Big Boy Season 365 shirt costs just 25 bucks and you can feel good not only supporting a small business, but also rocking a tee with that masculine style fat boy positive vibe you’re looking for! Check me out in my new fav “Positive Vibes Only” tee!

What kind of help do you need when looking for plus size/big & tall clothing options? What category of clothing are you struggling with finding? Dresswear? Workwear? Sleepwear? Let me know! I’d love to help find what’s out there for ya and make navigating the world as a fatty a little easier.


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  • Marcelle June 13, 2021 at 2:26 am

    I would love to get some guidance finding pants! I’m trying to get access to masc and androgynous presenting pants after giving up pants cuz of my body type for yeeeears. I have a pear shape and my hips are much wider than every other part of my body and hard to accommodate at near 60″. I haaaate jeans that sit below my belly button, high waisted things hit on my natural waist, and soft waist stuff is the best, but I’m just struggling to find anything big enough!!!

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