Fat Favorites of February

February 19, 2019

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Its been a while since I’ve done a post like this! I originally created this blog to share resources and products in both Big & Tall fashion as well as accessibility tools that make life easier for us plus size folks. We deserve to be comfortable and to feel good! And while I love writing about the hard stuff like the intersections of fatness and gender, I’m really excited to share these fat favorites of February with you! This list includes items I’ve accumulated over the past few months. You can read my last post like this here.

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Been thinking a lot about how fatness impacts my gender expression. Or rather, how other peoples perception of my fatness impacts how they interpret my gender. Fatphobia’s a bitch. People think my rolls, chest, curves, voice etc determine who I am and how they should refer to me. They think they have some sort of claim over my fat body. Im working toward a world where we are all able to be exactly who we say we are. Freely and safely. Im tellin’ y’all exactly who I am. Its time we respect that. . Check my story for links to shop this look✨ . #comfyfat #psblogger #plussizeblogger #plusmodel #bigandtallfashion #fatshion #celebratemysize #bodypositivebabe #fatbabesdoingthings #nonbinaryfashion #transandproud #genderqueer #bodyliberation #fatactivism

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Amazon has got the GOODS

I’m really loving the way Amazon is stepping up their game and finding more ways to include plus size fashion in the mix. They started with their Daily Ritual line which mainly consists of plus size women’s clothing. Up to 7x! I’ve been doing some research and found that their Amazon Essentials line has a few gems as well for those who like menswear! Lets go over the outfit in the above Instagram post first.

Big & Tall 5 Pack Crewneck T-shirts

These are available up to 6X and fit me very comfortably. They’re super soft and an incredibly affordable option from DXL. For $21 you get 5 shirts! I think people typically wear these as undershirts but I love just rocking a plain white tee.

Columbia Men’s Steens Big & Tall Full Zip


To be fair, I was hesitant about this one. Specifically because it’s fleece and I was concerned about feeling overheated. However, I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by this Columbia fleece jacket. Not only is it available up to a 6X, but it is roomy enough to zip up fully for me without it feeling restrictive. Its just warm enough and breathable enough so that I don’t feel like I’m getting sweaty in it. Plus you get to look like a well dressed dad.

Teva Men’s M Ember Lace Slipper

Okay look, I know these say they are slippers but I’ve been wearing them like boots. Teva is redefining what counts as “slippers.” They are SO comfortable. Plush, roomy, and with a rubber sole. They totally provide a solid shield against snow and such, so I’ve been really impressed with my warm, dry, feet this winter. Grab yourself a pair and I promise you’ll feel that delicate mix of comfort, sturdiness, and protective material you’re looking for in a casual winter boot.

Fat Trunk Jeans

I was lucky enough to have this awesome new company Fat Trunk, reach out and send me a pair of their custom off the rack stretch denim. Y’all. These jeans are so comfortable. Fat Trunk has a mission of creating jeans with a “mens” cut that’ll actually fit our fat bodies. They’re super soft, have just enough stretch, and have me feeling sexy as hell. Sign up for their newsletter and let em know what kinds of issues you’re having with the big and tall denim market currently. They’re lookin’ to right those wrongs!

Bean Products Yoga Bolsters

I’m not exaggerating when I say I use this exact yoga bolster every single day of my life. I find that with my particular body pain, I need extra support for my back when I sit on the couch. This bolster is firm, large, and supportive. I also use it to sit on when I want to get down on the floor and stretch my legs. Adding that bit of height dramatically changes my experience of sitting on the floor. It is so much more accessible and comfortable.

Essential Medical Supply Chrome Foot Stool With Handle

If you’re anything like me (short and stout that is) you have a hard time reaching things. You also, like me, might be afraid to step on top of anything to get that extra height to reach something, in fear of it not being able to hold your weight. I had the brilliant idea to look into medical grade foot stools and whaddya know! This medical supply foot stool supports weight up to 500 pounds and even has a handle. Perfect for those hard to reach cabinets at home or those home improvement projects that require reaching up high!

RMS Sock On Device

This is actually a life changing item for me! Above you can watch a video of me trying the RMS Sock On Device for the first time. It is certainly true that the more practice you get with this device the easier it becomes. I use this item anytime I want to wear socks, which, in the winter is nearly every day. It might feel a little strange at first to use but it really is one of my favorite accessibility tools thus far!

Thats it! This list includes my Fat Favorites of February! I’m always open to trying out products for accessibility and/or plus size fashion. What items have you been using or wearing lately that you absolutely love?

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