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August 14, 2018

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Great news! I’ve created a Comfy Fat Youtube channel

…with the help of my lovely partner, Corissa, of Fat Girl Flow! On the channel, you’ll find short vlogs of my life with Corissa (like this one), where important conversations around accessibility, self care and fat positivity, happen naturally. Additionally, you’ll get a behind the scenes look into our lives as influencers/bloggers. You’ll be able to see a cute, fat, queer couple attend events and navigate this not-so-fat-friendly world we live in.

Hooray for fat queer representation, am I right?

Sit and Chats

I’m also hoping to dabble a bit in “Sit and Chat” style videos where I talk about important topics that I’m passionate about. As I continue to learn more and more from the fat community, I’d like to share resources and knowledge on how to live life more comfortably. Here’s an example of this style video:

Collaboration Videos & Challenges

I had so much fun participating in a collaboration video with my pal Maggie McGill, a queer plus size, fashion and lifestyle blogger. We sent each other mystery boxes and opened up our treasures on camera. No rules. Just fill a box with random shit and and send it on its way!


Knowing that my partner has a huge social reach of folks who are inspired by her work, I thought it might be fun to have a Q&A style video. Cleverly titled Q&J. Followers submitted questions and I randomly asked Corissa to answer them over the course of a couple days. As of right now, the video has over 25k views, my largest reach yet!

For the time being, I’m messing around with editing as I learn new software. Vlogs will be the most common videos. They’re so fun! And Comfy Fat subscribers are really enjoying them so far. Probably due to Corissa and I’s witty banter.

I’m also working hard to find my own voice and really be intentional about this channel. With my experience working with youth in social work, I can’t help but think of young people who may be viewing my content. I would have loved as a kid to be able to tune in regularly to a fat person on the internet living their life without apology. Representation is so important. Advocacy is so important. I want to use this platform to make a difference. We should all be able to live our lives unapologetically!

There’s so much creative freedom here and I’m so thankful for it.

I’m curious, what might you like to see on the Comfy Fat Youtube channel? Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe!


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