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  • Super-Fat Self Care: Pedicures

    Hi friends! I’m starting a new series. Super Fat Self Care will consist of me getting into my stretch zone and trying self care activities that I’ve always wanted to – without letting my size stop me! I’m starting with pedicures. A lot of these activities are particularly scary for me because of my size. […]

  • Gender Dysphoria and Body Positivity

    OKAY Y’ALL. This is a topic I have brushed over gently in my mind, but never really explored. Why? Because I’m afraid. I’m afraid of being wrong or saying something problematic. And I still think it’s an important conversation to have. I keep finding myself wondering, can body positivity and gender dysphoria coexist? Am I […]

  • Dealing With Internet Trolls

    Breaking into the fat activism and body positive online community as a blogger has been a whirlwind the past three months. One thing I’m struggling with is the amount of hateful messages I receive from readers. The internet trolls, if you will. Usually, the haters’ messages slide off my back, because they tend to lack imagination […]

  • The Queer Fat Love Tragedy

    Can I just gush about how in love my partner and I are for a minute? Look at us, we’re fucking adorable. Our queer fat love is beautiful. And I mean, we truly are two queer fat folks disgustingly in love. In the midst of a super dreamy weekend together, complete with antique shop browsing […]