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  • Mixed-Weight Relationships???

    I read this article recently talking about “mixed-weight relationships” and it got me thinking. What does that even mean? I found myself uncomfortable with it but couldn’t really pinpoint why. When I talked it through with my partner, I came up with LOTS OF FEELINGS. Let’s Define “Mixed Weight Relationships” Simply put, mixed-weight relationships are […]

  • ASOS Haul Disappointment

    TW: This article contains brief mention of disordered eating.  My first clothing haul with ASOS didn’t go as planned. I found myself thrown into some serious haul disappointment paired with body shame. Its been a long time since I’ve been able to get my fix from shopping online and buying myself some killer new threads. […]

  • Fat Gardening

    Spring has sprung! Well, in most places. Who else is stoked to get their fat ass out into the beautiful sun and start living life to the fullest this year? I am REBORN bitches. I am THRIVING. Let me blossom like the daffodils in our back yard. The time has come y’all. Time for what, […]

  • Fat Positive Safe Spaces

    I recently had a conversation with my partner about safe spaces and it got me thinking. What would it be like to have fat positive safe spaces? Do they already exist? What Are Safe Spaces? Let’s start by talking about what safe spaces even are. You might have seen one of these stickers on your […]

  • Weight Watchers For Teens

    I heard recently that Weight Watchers launched a campaign for teenage weight loss.   The deal? 6 week memberships available for free to teenagers during summer vacation. Wow. That’s quite a deal, considering Weight Watchers makes around $50/month per member usually. How many teenagers do you know who want to lose weight? Remember when summer […]