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  • Fat Friendly Yoga

    It seems like everybody and their mom is into yoga these days. Which is actually pretty great, if you’re like me and are just now starting to get into it. That means there’s a plethora of resources online for ways to practice yoga in your most comfortable space; at home! But it can be a serious […]

  • Super-Fat Self Care: Pedicures

    Hi friends! I’m starting a new series. Super Fat Self Care will consist of me getting into my stretch zone and trying self care activities that I’ve always wanted to – without letting my size stop me! I’m starting with pedicures. A lot of these activities are particularly scary for me because of my size. […]

  • Comfy Fat’s 2018 Gift Guide

    Welcome to Comfy Fat’s 2018 Gift Guide! Below you’ll find gift suggestions for the holiday season. Listed are items that I either own and totally recommend…or items I plan on adding to my collection because they are amazing. Whether you’re shopping for your best friend, your babe, or yourself this holiday season, (which I highly […]

  • 6 Ways to Help Your Trans And Nonbinary Friends Feel Safer

    By now, you might have heard that Trump has plans to redefine gender, despite actual evidence of any real societal pressure to do so. This would be a huge step backward for the trans and nonbinary communities. The Department of Mental Health and Human Services memo regarding Trump’s gender policing crusade proposed defining both gender […]

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